Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its boomtime for Ghariyals In Girwa river,Katernia ghat sanctuary.

The mother Ghariyal

These days the banks of Girwa are abuzz with activities with the hatching of Ghariyal eggs a large number of hatch lings of Ghariyals can be spotted on the banks of the river Girwa.About two days ago on the recent trip to Katernia ghat wildlife sanctuary while boating on the river a pleasant surprise awaited us while passing through the banks we spotted a group of large number of recently hatched Ghariyals lazing on the banks of the river in late afternoon sun with a huge female guarding them.It was a pleasnt sight to watch.

Newly hatched Ghariyals in Girwa river,Katernia ghat wildlife sanctuary.

Its a major success story for the conservation of Ghariyal (Gavialis Gangeticus)Which is on the red list of critically endangered species, In Katernia ghat wildlife sanctuary, uttar pradesh,India which has a running Ghariyal conservation project and a breeding centre,being run by UP Forest department,it is a praiseworthy effort and a great effort has been put up by the authorities there to breed and conserve the Ghariyal population there.

Newly hatched Ghariyals with egg shells.

This effort needs special mention as in UP the other sanctuary i.e.Chambal has seen rapid decline in the Ghariyal population in recent years and there dwindling population has been a cause of major concern for conservationists and wildlife lovers.
Ghariyals contribute a lot in maintaining the ecological balance in the river system and are an integral part of it.Therefore the efforts of the park authorities deserve kudos for the same.

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