Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expectation from the new Government in India

After a long period a government is going to take over the reigns of power in India which is enjoying the full support of the electorate and is free from the pulls and pressures of the coalition Politics.This is significent as this arrangement has ample scope for the new dispensation to pursue its policies independently without the influence of external pressures.
Now It would not be unreasonable to expect some major policy initatives from the Government related to Wildlife protection and protection of the Country's rich Bio- diversity.This has long remained a neglected area of the successive governments where long overdue decisions have remained suspended on grounds of political expediency.
It is my ardent wish that a highly qualified individual heads the enviornment ministry who has an enviable track record in matters of wildlife conservation and protection.Some major issues that require the urgent attention of incumbent govt. are -
-A new policy related to Tiger conservation and major overhaul of 'Project Tiger'.
-Creation of new wildlife corridors in the country to facilitate the unhindered movement of endangered animal species, to eliminate the possibility of them straying into inhabited areas.
-Recruitment of trained wildlife staff in the various sanctuaries and parks as many posts are lying vacant.
-New technologies and practises to be adopted in the matters of wildlife conservation.
-Updated training programmes to be conducted for the existing staff so that they are more aware of the latest conservation techniques.
-Speedy clearances to be given to pending proposals for creation of new wildlife sanctuaries and were proposals are cleared steps to be taken to expedite their implementation at the earliest.Latest example being the case of Pilibhit Tiger reserve in UP.
I hope someone in the new dispensation is listening.